Exquisite and fragrant (graphical text)


Our Fragrances

Our products comprise 99% natural components, many derived from organically cultivated plants, replacing synthetic substances and mineral oils.

The finest Sandalwood essential oils fragrance our shaving cream. This rare and precious scent provides a sensuous woody aroma; subtle, it is a combination of exotic peppery wood and spiciness. Highly masculine yet discreet - ideal for normal and dry skin. Aloe Vera is acknowledged as a soothing and natural preparation for sensitive skin with properties that help to protect, repair and replenish. The fragrance is delicate and restrained, less obvious and unassuming - excellent for sensitive skin. Limes and Pomegranate essential oils will help to cleanse and restore skin leaving it toned and protected against the elements. Delicate fruity fragrance which is light and refreshing - suitable for sensitive and normal skin types.


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