It used to be that a father or grandfather would teach a boy how to shave, but this tradition has fallen by the wayside.

Shaving today is a pleasure or a chore, a passion or oppression; every aspect of shaving has its fans and its critics, but at no time in history has there ever been more interest in it. A simple web search will reveal hundreds of web sites and blogs dedicated to wet shaving; men sharing the secrets of how to get the perfect shave, critiques of techniques and products, on-line advice on how to deal with nicks, bumps, razor burn and an endless range of products of varying quality.

There is also a fast-increasing interest in the return to traditional wet shaving. The novelty of electric shaving has worn off and the millions of people who electric shaved for years have been intrigued to find that their family and friends are achieving a smoother more comfortable shave with what used to be regarded as an old-fashioned method. As many online blogs reveal, the move back to wet shaving has been life-changing for some; men who have put up with discomfort for years have found freedom from it.

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